Brighton have shown no sign in stepping down from their renowned title of spitting out fresh new music left right and centre.

Track record so far consisting of The Kooks, Black Honey, Royal Blood, Fickle Friends (to name a few) and now The RPMS. An energetic trio that take to the shape of infectious guitar bound tunes.

We were sure to ask the young band all the important questions from, ABBA to what’s up next. So read below as we get to grips with The RPMs.

3 words that sum up The RPMs as a band?

Really – Catchy – Tunes

Favourite song you’ve ever written?

Well I think our favourite so far would have to be Things I Forgot To Do cos it’s the first time we tried a new style in our songwriting and came up with something a bit more funky and dancey than normal and packed full of hooks. Best song to dance to on stage as well.

Favourite song to play live?

That would have to be Oh My God, cos it’s the second song in the set after the intro and so it kicks everything off and you can really go for it on those big open chords. 

First gig you ever went to?

Most of us can’t remember except our drummer Callum who’s first gig was apparently BUSTED. We’ve been taking the mick out of him ever since he told us that.  

The weirdest thing you’ve ever had shouted at you from the crowd during a show?

“Necromancy!’ which is a way of contacting the dead. I guess it was a comment on our performance that night ha ha. 

The last song you were listening to?

New Theory by Washed Out. Very simple but emotional song. 

Top 3 moments to still tick off the bucket list?

1. Crowd surfing in a huge inflatable ball

2. Headlining a big festival

3. Going to America 
You’re ultimate guilty pleasure?
ABBA – got to hand it to them they wrote some huge stonking tunes. 
Lastly, what’s up next?
Well we’ve got a new track recorded that will released sometime soon and lots more show dates for the end of the year! So keep your eyes peeled!

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