EP REVIEW: Love To Hate You // Elle Exxe

Have you ever heard an EP and thought, (with no hesitation) this artist is really something? Well, you have now. Elle Exxe is the latest star to join the scene, running from stages to releases, she’s dressed to impress with Love To Hate You. 

Straight away, brazen beats lure in all your attention, distracting you to four minutes of punchy lyrics and silky synths. Her vocals illuminating a snarly attitude that can only make you eager to hear more. By Lost In L.A, you’ll be a die hard Exxe fan.

With all it’s techno energy and layered harmonies, Lie To Me won’t go by unnoticed. And you’ll no doubt latch onto Home With You, the glitchy bass line and fun backdrop make it almost impossible to stop pressing play – the problem we have all round with this EP. Lastly, The Hammer kicks the collection to a close. Embellished in electric guitar, the blunt lyrics are refreshing and tasty. Elle Exxe is the artist we’ve been looking for, jump on the bandwagon.

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