ALBUM REVIEW: Don’t You // Wet

2015 dropped hundreds of records on us, left, right and centre. All we had to do was blink and there’d be another handful of albums to latch onto. It all sort of went by in a mystic haze. Each album blurring into the next, grabbing onto little snippets of lyrics and only ever humming that one Justin Bieber melody nobody could seem to quite shake. 

Well 2016 is kicking off to a good start. I can’t really get my head around how excited I am about this record. I only discovered this Brooklyn trio (Kelly Zutrau, Joe Valle, and Marty Sulkow) a few weeks ago, but after one listen of their track All the Ways, I was hooked. The effortless nature that is Wet is almost haunting. Each track eases into the next, whilst unfolding something entirely new each time.

Don’t You is a record exploring feelings of love and loss. The heavy weight of personal experience carries a raw and honest edge to it. It’s enticing and would draw just about anyone in.

Opening with All In Vain, Zutrau’s vocals frame the essence of the album in just a few seconds, before breaking into all things golden. It’s an effect that is more delicately displayed through tracks Weak and Move Me.

Magnetic vocals and lyrics swim through one and other, creating an enriching sense of emotion as another line passes. It’s easy to let myself become lost within it, comfortable with this idea of complete tranquility. And I do.

Previously released tracks Deadwater, Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl and All The Ways mark the second sound of the record. Holding stronger tempos and bigger hooks that compliment the melodies and warming vocals of fellow band mates, Valle and Sulkhow. All eleven tracks hold a sense of mellowness weaved in amongst each guitar note and drum hit. It’s hypnotic and dazzling to hear such a simple passion.

Island stands out as the sucker punch for me. Opening with ‘Today New York feels like an island’, it acknowledges the daunting realisation of having isolation creep up on you. Innocent. Vulnerable almost.  ‘Don’t you haunt me, say you’ll need me’, every ounce of emotion is squeezed from the track, beautifully layered to create something you can’t help but stand in awe of.

It’d be predictable to compare Wet to the likes of Lorde – as she does stand out in most people’s minds when it comes to this new wave of electric pop. However, they’ve managed to dodge the bullet of fitting into the many electro trends. Instead, they stand on their own as a breath of mellow pop fresh air.

And if any of that rambling didn’t give you enough reasons to grab a copy, I’d like to point out that my rough notes from when I first heard the album were, “harmonies and vocals strong 15/10” and “holy shit” etc. I know, impressive and professional writing is ensured at all times here at Vinyl Noise. So please, do yourself the biggest favour, and buy Wet’s debut album now (click here). I mean we know you want to, Don’t You? 

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Words by Mara Hadden.

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