This August Pennsylvania’s capital is getting its very own day long music festival in the form of Camp Shine Music Festival.

Camp Shine Fest is set to bring some of the best in new rap to Harrisburg, PA, featuring the likes of Famous Dex, Lucki, G Herbo, and many more.

The festival itself will be the first of its kind for Harrisburg, but if you’re familiar with Broccoli City and the DMV’s affinity for day long events, Camp Shine seems to follow the trend. Set to be a ‘Summer Camp Themed’ event, this 1 day festival will bring the rap community out in central PA, an area commonly forgotten. Camp Shine Music Festival takes one look at the coastal nature of the state of PA (with most of the music being given to either the people of Philly or Pittsburgh) and says ‘no more’ bringing out some of the newest names in rap.

Camp Shine Music Festival is being hosted my No Jumper and will occur at Reservoir Park from 10 AM to 10 PM on Sunday, August 20th. A perfect day for rap in the state’s capital.

Grab tickets here.

Piece by Kathryn DeFrank.

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