Deni Smith recalls Summer in this deliciously jazzed up tune.

Dunfermline’s singer-songwriter has rallied up quite the hype following a big Belladrum debut in August, only weeks later and Bring Back The Sun champions the impressive gig.

A sweet blues tinge builds the bases of a jubilant track; finger clicking, joyous lyrics and a nifty bassline combine for the result of an equally addictive, equally relaxed single. Harmonies flutter between each other, but it’s Deni’s lead vocals that hold it all together.

“I intended it to be an upbeat summer tune, something to kind of help people through this Scottish weather. It was really fun to record, especially the video!” explains Deni to us.

Bring Back The Sun is one of those tracks that does as it says on the lid. An eternal sunshine with this on repeat, listen below.

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