ALBUM REVIEW: Tell Me It’s Real // Seafret

We’ve all had that ‘London living, morning run and coffee date’ dream. But maybe it’s the idea of London that is more alluring than the city itself. For me, it’d be moving from hills to skyscrapers. For Jack and Harry, it was the scenic sea side town of Bridlington to waves of bricks and traffic. The result? A glowing collection of uplifting melodies.  

We’re always searching for another album to shove on repeat. One that, if we time it just right, all of our friends and family will be able to recite each syllable before the echo of each song.

This one does just that.

At first it tastes nostalgic, somewhat delicately placed and lined with growing fears of Missing someone, something; but soon enough, it hits a different spice. That’s the beauty of Seafret, they strike every colour on the spectrum.

Dazzled in raw vocals, bare lyrics cry out heartfelt words “I’m weak from all the things that I know, do you think of me when you look to the sea”. There’s some sense of feeling in every breath taken, every note and every line of rhythm.

Overtime comes with all the emotions of love; the constant overthinking, the scare of “are we moving too fast” and the lust. ‘I could be more than a lover, more than a lover to you’, all those heart wrenching questions are met with a clean slate, ‘let’s take it slow’.

New track, Over, shyly uncovers the shattering “what will I do” moment after a break up, whilst simultaneously highlighting the feeling of freedom and empowerment as, let’s be honest, that break up really was overdue.

Any devoted fan will find old comfort in recent tracks Give Me Something, Wildfire, Oceans, Be There and Atlantis. But there’s hidden treasures throughout. As a whole, the album embodies an acoustic, rustic touch – a homely, warm aura.

Breathe is the track you stick on when you’re enduring a long car journey and have the urge to pretend you’re in a dramatic scene of a film, yes, we’ve all been there. A beautiful whisper of joyous strings and tender lyrics.

There’s A Light is a slick stand out for completely different reasons. Testing the waters for a rock embrace, this ones more salt than it is sweet. Seafret play with harmonies and guitar riffs to gain such strong momentum.
Tell Me It’s Real is an open book to the journey of Seafret. Fifteen buoyant melodies paint the pictures whilst pure lyrics tell the tales.

They used to spend days skimming stones, and now they write songs about Skimming Stones. I arrived with mixed thoughts but returned an empathetic fan, breathing the fresh air of Seafret.

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Words by Alice Hadden

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