ALBUM REVIEW: Heliograph // Wall Of Trophies

You’d think that 4,000 miles could really get in the way of things. But you thought wrong. I have a friend in Vancouver, so I know just how difficult it is for Wall Of Trophies. But you learn to pull through. The time difference becomes normal, getting up at 8am is definitely more fun when you’re on the phone to someone who’s just left a club or hailing down a taxi at midnight. 

Brittany and Will took advantage of their three years in different countries. Finding their own sounds and coming together to create the ultimate dream. A soundtrack to your year, one for every month.

We start in February, because two days isn’t enough to live out Everything. Gradually building a skyscraper of harmonies, each floor adds more atmospheric layers.

Heliograph, (other than being the title track to a sublime record) echoes a MS MR whisper, Brittany’s haunting and ethereal voice taking control, the music follows close behind.

Skip to May and you’re surrounded by Trees“Hold my hand, that’s all I ask of you”, it’s an emotional roller coaster, “I don’t know if I’ll live through this”. Powerful lyrics are accompanied by energetic drum beats to create a captivating listen.

Previously collaborating to bring Places to the surface, Brittany and Will have gone further with Heliograph. Eleven pure tracks that open doors to their lives, it is what it is.

Dirt is a perfect example of this. Taking a different turn, an acoustic guitar covers honest lyrics before bursting into a bubbly synth driven chorus. “You said that you’d hide me, but that you would come find me”, there’s no dirt here.

Every song is worth listening to, every lyric is worth reading and the album, as a whole, is undeniably amazing. They’ve done it again, miles away from one another and yet there’s no way you could possibly tell. Here’s to the next, we hope.

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Words by Alice Hadden.

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