A brand new branch to the growing electronic/pop music tree has been added through the upcoming folk/acoustic trio, Sticks and Stones.

With a fresh blend of Mumford and Sons in their debut album, Stick And Stones stand out as a top tip for the future. Featuring a spectrum of husky vocals, vigorous acoustic anthems and even some slow jams; Into The Wild is the Scottish trio’s first album since forming back in May of 2012.

The album is like a jigsaw of different emotions and events, take the title track, for instance, Into The Wild captures the essence of heartbreak and anguish, whilst Delicate Mind suggests guilt and regret as the lyrics state “sorry I messed up your precious life”. Punk rockers would be easily attracted to Aiden’s roaring voice and Pete’s crashing electric guitar rhythm in Wiseman as they make for great hooks – and possibly some great head bangs too!

Admirers of Mumford and Sons ‘I Will Wait’ will latch onto the climactic Dark Spots whereas lovers of both Cowboys and Indians would go wild for the track’s seraphic echos and lively piano riff. There are some slow ones too, with the admirable and euphoric 1842 and We Are Not Alone standing tall with the more so mellow vibes. And after writing a “10 page long” song, the trio deal with lust and loss in Dare as they scream “I really don’t know what I’d do with out you, would life be worth living if I lived a life without you?”.

On the more happier side stands Oceans, a genius, lively track with a killer instrumental breakdown after the chorus; this, however, is soon lost with the mysterious and eerie start up to the ghostly track Crown. Then there’s Tired, which reminisces on that peaceful and tranquil feeling you get from previous tracks such as We Are Not Alone. Mixed with amazing harmonies and a very catchy chorus, is the insanely good Wolfdance which perfectly finishes the album.


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