Electro-pop duo, Broods are back. Bigger, bolder and better than ever. Debut album, Evergreen sat them comfortably within the industry, but Conscious is a sucker punch to that. 

They start by declaring freedom with soaring anthem, Free. Marking the new, heavier sound through instrumental outbursts – Georgia’s vocals follow streak as she powers brave lyrics through a stronger voice. Free is the beginning to an impressive revival.

Second track, We Had Everything is definitely the most mainstream song on there. Pleasing any pop fan as a dance floor filler with colorful glitches. Placed next to such an eye opener, the track comes unexpectedly. Are You Home takes it back a bit, still holding potential for a club like dance whilst honing moodier lyrics.

Co-written with fellow New Zealander, Heartlines holds a Lorde-esque gaze. Opening as a lighter, synth heavy track, electronica soon explodes into a captivating chorus. The Royals star has definitely imprinted some influence on this huge hit.

Another collaboration arises in Freak Of Nature, this time with the incredible voice of Tove Lo. A more stripped back stand out. Two female voices circling one another, this becomes a magnificent ballad – dramatic, beautiful and stunning. All Of Your Glory too, is a striking ballad but more like the previous album, pure and guiltless.

Second single, Couldn’t Believe, is a soaring spin of their signature looks. Teasing the ears as a piano led track before resulting in a release of fiery loops that top the upbeat backdrop.

Worth The Fight is a slow jam with a Broods twist. Every line throwing another layer of honesty, this prepares for battle with eruptive instrumentals. Haunting whispers hide under golden vocals, it’s a daunting tune with every reason to be another hit.

Title track, Conscious, is by far the biggest track on there. Dropping the jaw with a brutal blow, “wait for the explosion” Georgia roars before a sudden release of thundering synths and clashing beats. This is the sucker punch.

Evergreen had a sense of innocence, whereas Conscious gives moments of fierceness. Synth-laden tracks are their ideology, and this is covered in them; an album lined with massive hits, blunt lyricism and huge hooks.

Words by Alice Hadden.

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